Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Conversations like this

As part of the series of Wanderlust 2017 classes we received a monthly prompt for a collage. It told us what to do on it in a timespan of just 5 minutes. The clues will remain secret but this is what I ended up with, sized 9 x 12". I already knew what might happen last as I had done the same project during Wanderlust 2016. The collage is to be cut up. To  my shame I must admit now that I never cut up the 2016 one as I liked it too much. I feel less of an emotional pull about this one, perhaps because I surmised I would be told to cut this one up too. So you will eventually see how this one ended up but I thought I would share it here first before getting the scissors out.
The entire collage started with a layer of vintage text where we had circled some words. I kept the full text that I had circled and it read:

"importance to the world
filling it with words
the good became characteristic
old black silk gown and grey shawl
a waste of valuable time
conversations like this
with great sinners
turned austere"
Other words were added as per the instructions where we were to write down how we were feeling on a given day. There is also more collage, as well as rubber stamping with art foamies and other stamps, as well as lots of doodling in both the back and foreground
I also added some random items (such as washi tape) simply because I felt like it and thought the collage needed it.

Now for the cutting up!

There will be another series of classes: Wanderlust 2018, and I hope there will be another collage activity like this one too.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

The afternoon walk




Minus 10 Celsius

Minus ten degrees Celsius was our overnight temperature and a very hard frost on the ground was the result. The dog walk this morning was truly majestic. There had been a few snow flurries and this resulted in the fire pond looking like it had been covered in icing sugar.
The sun was coming up and that resulting in a magical quality of light when the forest became like every possible cliché of winter you can imagine, proving that such cliches are based on real life. The whole place just sparkled.
 While the sun was rising the moon was not finished yet and continued to shine.
Flora was as full of the exuberance of being alive as I was and once we reached the top viewing point she started to run around in circles with the sheer joy of it all.
We had the forest entirely to ourselves and I spend some time with this tree that is my favourite one in all of Deepsyke Forest. I remember it when it was young, alone in an open area (more than 22 years ago) and look at it now. It has turned into a beauty with room to spread it's branches, because it has all that space around it. I always think this tree is a metaphor for humans. We too need space to reach our full potential.
This forest is where I have space, space to breathe, to think, to meditate, to simply put one foot in front of another and walk into this day.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

The List

The prompt on Joggles Art Journal Adventures this week was: List. I like lists and always have a weekly To Do list on the go in my diary. As quilting takes a lot of time the list looks much the same from week to week but that makes the satisfaction all the greater when I can tick one activity off as done!
As I had no firm ideas yet about what to do with this spread (in an A5 sized journal) I started as I usually do: looking for something to collage onto the pages.

 As I was looking through my(by now much reduced stash of) vintage books I came across a very dilapidated Daily Journal; or The Annual Accompt-Book dating back to 1792. Don't worry, I only paid £1 for it as it was completely falling to bits. It was however full of lists. Some pages were empty but on other pages things were indeed listed in ancient handwriting and with an ink pen. I collaged random pages onto the background and covered everything with a thin layer of gesso.
 I then grabbed Distress Crayons and PaperArtsy Fresco paints as well as the S319 Scribble Bloom stencil and made a background full of texture.

I had also managed to discover a quotation about lists by Umberto Eco in his book The Name of the Rose. It reads as follows: "The list could surely go on, and there is nothing more wonderful than a list, instrument of wondrous hypotyposis". And in case you're wondering (I did!) what that last word means here it is: a vivid picturesque description of scenes or events.  I am now thinking of how I can use it in an everyday conversation! I hand wrote it onto another piece of a page from the above mentioned vintage book.
 After rubber stamping on some more texture with a stamp from Nathalie Kalbach's Kaffee Klatsch stamp set, I collaged on the focal image (from a Wrap catalogue) and then added more stencilling using M081 Rows of Triangles as well as M080 Repetition Stencil, both by Stencilgirl Products.
I sprayed on some gold through a piece of sequin waste and then outlined some images with black and white markers. I also doodled a bit on the figure and added some washi tape.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

More Mandalas

Here are some more mandalas done from The Mandala Guidebook by Kathryn Costa as well as from her online class. I did them on separate 8" square watercolour paper and then cut them out and glued them to previously black gessoed pages in my large vintage ledger. 
I am having fun with them, and colouring them in is a very calming activity.

There is a storm raging outside and just when we were about to start our morning dog walk the skies opened and a rain storm passed over. Flora has a seriously issue with getting wet so for the moment we have returned inside to see if things will get better.


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